What is the dosage?
Take one capsule each day before breakfast, 1 time a day,

How much weight can I expect to lose using your slimming product?
And when can I get the effect?

That depends entirely upon you. When following the dosage, usually it takes some weeks to see the results. Most of our customers can get good effects of 10-15 pounds less in a month.

Can men take with the same result?
Yes. Men can get the same effects as women can.

Who are those not allowed to take your slimming product?
People below 18 years old and over 60 years old, pregnant women, lactating mothers, people with heart attack, high blood pressure, sugar diabetes and nephropathy, cancer, metabolic disorder and allergies must not take these slimming products

Are your products genuine?
Our product is 100% original; we have return and exchange policy

Is it secure to order online? Will people see my card details?
It is 100% safe to shop on our website, once you've picked your products and added them to the shopping basket simply click on checkout/payment and you will be taken to a 100% secure encrypted server to enter payment details

Is there any affect if I am taking birth control pills?
It is not suggested to take any other pills except vitamin when taking the slimming pills

Do I need to diet or exercise?
The pills help to reduce weight by suppressing appetite and burn fat, you can get effect even no exercise, but a healthy diet and exercise will definitely enhance your results, don’t skip meals and take foods that have high protein and low calories

When can I stop taking this product? Will I get rebound if I stop taking them?
You can get the product till you get target that you need, you can stop taking the product and there is no rebound as long as you still keep proper diet

Can I track my order? Yes, we will send you tracking number after sending the goods

What time of day will my order arrive?
For shipping information, we have stated details at Shipping section; please click there to check If you didn’t find what you need here, please feel free to contact us by Email or Live Chat